“Organisations such as Roses of Peace play an important role as bridges between our communities. This role is even more crucial now, as the world is experiencing increasing uncertainty and threats to social cohesion. 

Ground-up initiatives, like Roses of Peace, tend to be more agile and nimble, and are able to quickly rally support as well as respond to new trends or issues. By working together, we will also be able to enlarge our common space, connect with others and bond with one another.”

Her Excellency Mdm Halimah Yacob

President of Singapore


Started in 2012, Roses of Peace (ROP) is a ground up, youth-driven initiative that seeks to bridge the gap in interfaith discourse by connecting faith, service and diversity to empower youth to be change leaders and peace ambassadors. Too often in our world today, religion (and race) can become a barrier that divides, rather than unites us.

Our forefathers have worked hard to build an ethos of religious harmony amidst our diversity in Singapore. ROP recognises the need to continue to build on this good work and contribute to the advancement of a more cohesive and resilient society. At ROP, we believe that diversity in faith is a strength and can serve a bridge for deeper cooperation, especially in the context of Singapore’s multi-religious, multi-racial and multi-cultural society, by fostering cooperation through the common good.


Roses of Peace envisions a Singapore in which youth from diverse faith background live harmoniously and cooperate with each other to serve the local community, thereby strengthening our social fabric and promoting common good.


To inspire religious harmony in Singapore by:

Spreading the important message peace, love and religious harmony among the general public, youths at large, learning institutions and key policymakers.

 Training and equipping a critical mass of youth with the necessary knowledge and skill-set to be peace ambassadors, interfaith leaders and lifelong catalysts of inter-religious cooperation.

 Creating a network of youth committed to building bridges between the various faith groups to change the perception of religion as cause of division to one from which goodness can be derived from to foster unity.


ROP Values