For Youths, From Youths


Our Signature Event: Spreading Peace, Love & Harmony, One Rose at a Time

At Roses of Peace (ROP), we live by the mantra – be the change you want to see. We want to change the perception of interfaith cooperation through love. What else could be a better symbol of love than a rose? ROP first began its efforts to celebrate our religious diversity and appreciate religious differences in 2012, through the distribution of roses. Ever since, we have distributed more than 35,000 roses across Singapore and engaged close to 1,000 youth volunteers from the annual distribution! Every rose is attached to a greeting card bearing the universal messages of peace, love or harmony from various religious luminaries.

ROP Safe Spaces: Building Bridges through Effective Conversations

For effective interfaith cooperation, it is necessary for open conversations surrounding faith. Roses of Peace has been dedicated in creating safe spaces for interfaith dialouges for it promotes deeper understanding which can facilitate interfaith and interracial appreciation. Each year, Roses of Peace organizes a Youth Forum and an Interfaith Conference for youths to ask challenging questions and gain insightful knowledge from our experienced speakers and panelists.

ROP Collaborations

Over the years, Roses of Peace has grown to be a unique youth centric movement with values that strongly resonate with the millennials of today. Increasingly, more youths have a heart to give and they want to play an active role in building bridges and mutual trust. As such, Roses of Peace collaborates with vibrant organisations that aim to promote interfaith harmony and spread the messages of peace, love and harmony.


We believe that to effectively bring the interfaith messages to every citizen in Singapore, we need to be of close proximity to them. ROP@Heartland  is the latest initiative of Roses of Peace where we aim to promote interfaith messages at the every Heartland in Singapore through the distribution of roses.