Building Bridges Through Effective Conversations


As the world experiences increasing uncertainty and threats to social cohesion it has become more important to reach out, build bridges and understand one another better. We can observe that social fissures often develop due to ignorance and a lack of understanding. Positive social exchanges and meaningful interactions across different races and religious groups will help to deepen trust and understanding. Hence, Roses of Peace has been dedicated in creating safe spaces for interfaith dialouges. Our Youth Forums & Interfaith Conferences provide a platform for youths from different communities to gather regularly, share views and deepen trust and understanding.

As such, ROP provides three different types of safe spaces for youths to have effective conversations surrounding race and religion – ROP Youth Forum, Interfaith Conference and Faith in Leadership Symposium.


The ROP Youth Forum connects youths with community leaders such as Ministers and Members of Parliament. It is an opportunity for participants to understand policies set by the government, voice out their personal concerns and understand the ground realities better. Some of the themes explored at our past Youth Forum include – “Forging a Cohesive & Resilient Singapore” & “Embracing Religious Diversity: Towards a Shared Future”.


The Interfaith Conference provides a laid back environment for a heart to heart conversation surrounding faith and religion. We put together panelists from different faith backgrounds who share their experiences on practicing faith in a secular environment, embracing the diversity around them and how faith can be a force for doing good. Some themes covered at our previous conferences include, “Faith in Action” & “Evolving Dynamics of MultiCulturalism, Racial and Religious Relations in Singapore”.


The Faith in Leadership (FIL) Symposium is an unique initiative by Roses of Peace that aims to bring world renowned interfaith leaders to speak on topics relating to youth leadership and interfaith engagement in a panel format. The symposium serves to broaden the perspectives of youths beyond Singapore, and provide a wider context to their understanding of interfaith cooperation and understanding. It is notable that our inaugural FIL Symposium was held in conjunction with the Official Launch of ROP Ambassador Programme in February 2018.